My most recent project has been at my "day job" at Polly Products and it is ongoing. I am doing SEO improvements in the backfround of their website to increase organic results in search traffic and to complete the Meta tags and keword indexing of the website. Not really a project I can show an image of so you will have to just trust me.

Photo Improvement

Another project at my "day job" is to improve the images of the products online. Due to differnt lighting and indoor/outdoor settings, some of the images don't really display the colors the same as the swatches that the customer can choose from when ordering. So we get a few phone calls a day from a website visitor, asking "what color is the bench in the photo": So, it is a project of mine to put the color swatches ON each image so that the customer knows what the product color is in each image.


A few months ago, I created a slideshow of some of the customer benches that have been ordered at my "day job". There are a lot of very nice looking engraved Memorial benches in the slideshow, set to music, so that the customer can view what others have bought.

Memorial Bench Catalog:

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2014 Polly Products Catalog

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Wishing Petals family photography

A blog website that I created last year for my family. We like to take a lot of photographs, so I put some of our best ones in a photo gallery. I also posted some blog posts, though I have not kept up with it like I should. I am trying to get one of my daughter's to take over the blog. :-)


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Project Updates

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In the Press: An article in a local magazine ran a press release when I got hired on as the new Marketing Communications Manager: Greater Lansing Business Monthly (online)

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Awarded a 2014 NAPW Professional Woman of the Year. VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women.

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Published the new 2014 Polly Products catalog in a nifty little flipbook online. This is the 2nd year that I have designed the product catalog for Polly Products.